Sunday, November 05, 2006

CNN twists facts -again

Though a Reuters video clearly showed only women involved in a protest against the Israeli incursion into Gaza, CNN reported the discredited Israeli statement that the women fired on and killed by soldiers were mingling with male militants.

Here is a portion of CNN's story and a link to the Reuters video and the full story. Judge for yourself.
Palestinian militants who had been in a firefight with Israeli soldiers escaped Friday, many of them slipping away in a crowd of women who had come to join what had begun as a standoff.

Israeli troops fired into the crowd, and there were reports of civilian casualties.

The gunmen had sought cover at a northern Gaza mosque for hours, mingling with a crowd of Palestinian women who had formed a human shield outside, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Palestinian sources said some of the militants had put on women's clothes.

The number and identities of those killed and wounded remained unclear Friday amid conflicting reports. (Watch women flee the gunfire and one fall dead -- 1:54 Video)

An IDF spokesman said the troops fired on the women because two of the militants were hiding among the group. He said both men were killed.

U.N. officials, including Secretary-General Kofi Annan, called the "already-grave situation" a result of "the continuing escalation of violence and rising death toll caused by the Israeli military operation in northern Gaza."

"Military operations in populated areas inevitably cause civilian casualties, and in this operation several civilians have already been killed and wounded, including women and at least one Palestinian child," Annan said in a prepared statement.

Annan urged Israel "to exercise maximum restraint" and do its "utmost to protect civilians."



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