Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet the candidates, even the ones the mainstream press doesn't cover

This year, Moore, Schakowsky, our dear governor and the Cook County board presidency are all up for grabs. I was disturbed that Schakowsky signed the little card we got in the mail, backing Todd Stroger. It also bothers me that the Green Candidate for governor can't even participate in a debate with the other two gubernatorial candidates, because he didn't raise enough money.

In the interests of democracy, Here are the website addresses for ALL of the candidates running for these offices. The guy running aainst Schakowsky looks really intersting and quite different. He won't take money from ANYONE!!! You can purchase his gear if you like.

For alderman:
So far we have 4 candidates, in alphabetical order we have:

Chris Adams
Jim Ginderske
Don Gordon
Joe Moore

For representative in the 9th Congressional District we have:

Jan Schakowsky
Michael Shannon

For governor we have:
Rod Blagojevich
Judy Baar Topinka
Rich Whitney
Angel Rivera

Cook County Board President:
What can be said here. Due to the machinations and stalling by the leaders of the Democratic Party in Chicago, we were unable to discern the status of Stroger's ability to continue his office, consequently, the deadline to file as an independant candidate expired, so we are left with someone who presided on the board, while it racked up a $400 million deficit, or someone who has no experience in county government but is the son of the last officeholder. This is the only race that has no viable outsider candidate.

Tony Peraica
Todd Stroger

For links to blog entries (not just ours), news articles, current officials' websites, and Wikipedia entries, click on civicfootprint

An informed voter is an effective voter. We obviously can no longer rely on mainstream media to bring us all the information we need to make an informed choice.

Do you want to maintain the status quo, satisfied with our elected officials, or do you want a change?

UPDATE!!! An alert and informed reader provided us with yet another choice for governor that the press didn't bother to mention, at least not enough for us to notice. Angel Rivera is running what he calls a cyber campaign. Link to the website above under governor.


At October 19, 2006 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the most recent Zogby poll, Rich Whitney is now registering in the double digits!

"Three-way matchup includes 11.3% for Rich Whitney (G)"

47.1% Blagojevich
33.2% Topinka
11.3% Whitney

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