Saturday, October 28, 2006

America the Beautiful

This is a little video I made. I'd like to see a little more humanity shown to the unfinished business this country has.

While we ponder allowing millions of people who crossed our borders, or stayed too long, the benefits of our great country, we have hundreds of thousands of our own citizens living on the streets, ineligible for any government benefits, mostly because they have no address, because they have no home.

While we allocate $40 million to help Israel settle "refugees", building them houses and infrastructure, job training, etc, this is where our citizens are. How many houses could we have built here? How many of our own citizens, who live like refugees in their own country, could we have helped. How many houses could we have built with all of the money spent on the Iraq war? We can spend billions to kill strangers, but we can't spend it to save the lives of our neighbors.

Do you think we should maybe take care of our own people, find a real solution to Iraq instead of what we're doing - so maybe our men and women can get home to their families. Can't we find a better way to spend our money besides prisons and wars?


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