Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kingdom of Cook County

So someone, no one knows who, decided Stroger should resign. Someone decided John Daley should fill his shoes. Is there truly a succession document? Who made that decision?


Several Cook County commissioners were on Channel 11 the other night talking about these issues. They were asked if the voters of Cook County even cared. The commissioners believed we did, but said THEY HADN'T HEARD FROM ANY OF US!!!!

So lets do it people. Call your commissioner. Tell them we don't want to live in a county that has no ethics, that has a board incapable of making decisions without a chairman. Tell them we're sick of politics in this city and this county and we're sick of being treated like a bunch of uneducated rubes who will allow the first family of Chicago to call the shots for the whole county.

How many developers will be entrenched in this county with backroom deals and giveaways at our expense by the time the election takes place.

Our public schools are a disgrace, the air is impossible to breathe, tens of thousands of people have no health care, asthma is rising at an alarming rate, our roads are a mess, WHAT ARE THEY SPENDING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON?

It's time we took our government back. This mess is indicative of people who are so cock sure that they have absolute control and can't be stopped or unseated that they think they can just HAND people political offices without a thought to the voters. Even with corruption trials everywhere we turn, they STILL think they are untouchable. It's bad enough our city council voted to ban a certain food from restaurants, now we have Ed Burke deciding how our food should be cooked.

Who do these people think they are!!!!!

There are four things we can do.

1. Go to the next Cook County Board meeting and let them know we aren't going to take this anymore. We want a transparent, HONEST government and WE WILL HAVE IT!!!

2. If you can't go to the board meeting - call your commissioner's office and GIVE THEM AN EARFUL. Tell them we want the BOARD to elect an interim president. Let them know you'll be watching them and they had better stick up for your interests or they won't be given another opportunity because you'll VOTE THEM OUT!!!

3. Call your committeeman, your alderman, your state rep, tell them all you've had enough!!!

4. Vote Daley out of office or it will never end.....take back our city, our county and our state.

Do you want to live like this forever? Do you think this is what democracy is all about? I don't. This is what dictatorships, monarchies and police states are all about. I for one didn't sign up for any of the above.

Let's take our county back from these corrupt, ruinous despots and make our state something we can again be proud of. When we're finished with our state, we'll work on our country.


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