Thursday, April 27, 2006

For a good cause - college activism

In northern Uganda, each night 10's of thousands of children leave their rural homes and walk miles to the city to safe locations where they can sleep without fear of being kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers by the LRA, a mystic religious revolutionary army. These children sleep, sometmes 20,000 of them, on top of one another in hospitals, churches, anywhere there are adults who will take them. They then rise at 6am to walk back home so they can go to school. Then it starts all over.

Girls, as young as 8, are forced to become slaves or wives of the guerillas. The boys are forced to fight in the army. If you cry, you are killed - brutally, in front of all your friends. If they cry, they too are mutilated, tortured and killed, in front of everybody. This has been going on for years and the international community is doing nothing. These children are now known as the Night Commuters.

On April 29, several Chicago colleges are joining groups around the world in a Global Night Commute to raise awareness to this issue. They are hoping to gain media attention to the plight of the children. They will spend the night writing letters to Congress and anyone else they can think of. They are very committed.

At 5pm they will meet at the quad of the DePaul Lincoln Park campus, complete with their sleeping bags, and walk, as the children do, to Grant Park where they will gather for this event.They have permits and insurance and are sleeping in the park.

If you know anyone in the media, contact them and urge them to cover it. If you want to participate, they will be at Grove 4. They're not asking for money. No aid organizations help them. Help our children save theirs.

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